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New NSC mobile site, Facebook, and Google Calendar

February 26, 2015 - 9:17am

For years we’ve struggled to make the NSC site easier to use so that you are not dependent on just a couple of people to make posts, and I think we finally have it. Visit the traditional North Shore Cyclists site at http://nscyc.org. This mobile site is at http://nscrides.org

Facebook group and Facebook events

I’ve designed the mobile site to compliment the Facebook group, which has gone a long way toward making NSC egalitarian. However, we have taken very little advantage of the Facebook events tab. Any of the almost 500 members of our Facebook group can post a planned event or an impromptu invitation.

View upcoming NSC events and post your invitations to the Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nscyclists/events/

Events calendar on this site

On this site, I have embedded a NSC events calendar using Google Calendars. Unlike the outdated Drupal events calendar module on the traditional NSC site, our Google calendar allows users to create repeating events. For example, when Paula posts the Monday evening ride this spring, she can set it up to continue until the end date in September, and she can easily change the start times. The NSC Google calendar also makes it easier to post impromptu events.

A feed from the Google calendar creates an upcoming events list in the menu column. There is also a link to view the actual calendar on the site.

All club officers and ride leaders have been granted permission to post to the NSC calendar. Others who wish to post events to the calendar please reply to this post.

  • When posting your ride or event on the NSC Google Calendar, please include the URL from the ride page. About 40 ride page links will be in the menu column on this site
  • In the event description you can type in some code instead of just text, to make the ride page link active. Here’s an example: http://nscyc.org/nsc-annual-spring-meeting-friday-march-20-2015″ target=”_blank”>. In this case, the reader will see the words “View Event” and when they click on it, the browser will take them to the Annual meeting page in a new window.
  • If you’re not comfortable with code, just type what you want and I will get around to making the link work. Also note that the Google calendar may take a day to update, but  I can force it to update.
  • The new site does not replace the traditional NSC site. WordPress may be incompatible with the Mailman program, which is embedded on that site.
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New NSC mobile site

February 26, 2015 - 9:17am

I am in the process of converting the former North Shore Cyclists blog on WordPress to a mobile platform, mirroring the NSC site.

To get it going, many of the links will take you to the North Shore Cyclists site, but will soon link to minimal pages on this WordPress site.

View the prototype NSC mobile site at https://northshorecyclists.wordpress.com

Your insights and suggestions are welcome.

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