COVID 19 Guidelines

Current 2021 NSC COVID-19 Ride Guidelines

These are the NSC COVID-19 ride guidelines as of April 2021 based on the current State of Massachusetts guidance.  The NSC guidelines will be reassessed as our state issues further updates.

 Only NSC Club members can ride NSC rides during this time

 All riders will sign in at each ride

 Cloth face coverings, buffs or masks are worn before and after the ride with 6 feet social distancing

 Face coverings, buffs or masks are worn during the ride EXCEPT when a distance of 14 feet or more can be consistently maintained between riders as well as between riders and pedestrians, per MA Safety Standards for Adult Amateur Sports updated April 2, 2021.

 Per the NSC ride guidelines, we will start in groups of up to six riders and start the groups about two minutes apart.

Additional general thoughts and recommendations:
1. As with all safety measures we are responsible to each other to avoid incidents.
2. During this unusual time, please follow the NSC ride and COVID guidelines and use best practices at all times.  Public perception is important.  We are the face of cycling.
3. Reference links: NSC Bicycle Law / Courtesy guidelines 

North Shore Cyclists enjoyed a successful 2020 riding season under the COVID-19 guidelines established last June that followed Massachusetts COVID- 19 orders and Reopening Standards.  Thank you all for providing for a safe cycling environment for all during this pandemic.  We anticipate a great 2021 season!