Cue Sheet and Map

Cue Sheet Guidelines

  • Use the Excel template (here)
  • If you reference street names be sure the street signs are actually in place.
  • Note when riders cross town lines.
  • Note major landmarks when applicable to help people confirm their location.
  • Specify mileage readings to .1 mile.
  • Include notes on the cue sheet for locations of food, water and toilet facilities.
  • Note any intersections that are not arrowed, the town of Boxford has ordered North Shore Cyclists to cease arrowing roads in the town effective 07/30/2009.
  • If you have a cell phone, include your cell number so riders can call if they get lost or need help.
  • Be sure you have enough cue sheets for the expected size of the group


  • A map is useful if riders get lost.
  • You can create a map with GIS software, or include a photocopy.
  • If you use a map, be sure it is legible and will allow a local resident to direct the rider back onto the route.