Thursday - Wakefield Center

Leaders: rotating, with Tom Buske and Tim DeRosa (cell: 781 572 9860)

Dates: Thursday evenings.  

    Start time
  • 6:00 PM May
  • 6:30 PM June, July and August
  • 6:00 PM September

Ride starts at 6:00 as of August 23

Description: A lovely little hammer-fest for the first night of the weekend. Gently rolling hills, and mostly low traffic neighborhoods provide a pleasant backdrop for the colorful spandex-clad maniacs who try to beat the clock in this 20.75-mile loop. Riders generally split into fast, medium and rational groups. The fast group will return in less than an hour. The others, a little more. Many nights, pizza and good cheer afterwards at Bellinos near the new start at the head of Lake Quannapowitt. Arrowed with a white chevron.

Start: Quannapowitt parkway, northern end of Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield MA, the end nearest the Rt. 128 interchange.

Directions: Rte 128 to Exit 40. Follow Rte 129 south to the park at the north end of the lake and turn right almost immediately on Quannapowitt Parkway to the parking area. Map to start


Short (14 miles)Download  cue sheet and mapView online at RideWithGPS
Medium (17 miles) Download cue sheet and mapView online at RideWithGPS
Long (21 miles)Download  cue sheet and mapView online at RideWithGPS

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