Useful Skills

(Look for YouTube Videos for help with these)

  • Download and use RWGPS routes on your device as well as your phone
  • Become comfortable removing your back wheel
  • Get confident fixing a flat by practicing it before you need it
  • Know how to seat a tire, tubed or tubeless (if you have tubeless)
  • Replace a dropped chain
  • Know how to oil your chain properly
  • Adjust tire pressure to suit surface type and rider weight
  • How and when to add sealant if you ride tubeless (if you have tubeless)

Tools to Carry on the Bike 

  1. Multi tool with hex wrenches and Phillips head screwdriver and chain tool
  2. A quick link
  3. Tire levers
  4. At least 1 spare tube
  5. Emergency patch kit
  6. Mini-pump or CO2 with dispenser
  7. Tubeless plug kit (if you have tubeless)