Do I have to join the club before joining a ride?

The Club welcomes non-members to ride one ride before joining NSC. We then ask them to become a member to continue to ride with the club.

Why do I need to become a member?

We are a membership club and the spirit of comradery and involvement in club activities is fostered when our riders are members. Also, the club’s insurance policy covers members only.

What type of insurance coverage does the Club have?

NSC has general liability and supplemental accident insurance for members through the Silent Sports Insurance coverage for bicycle clubs.

Is there a ride leader for each distance of each ride?

Normally there is one ride leader (with or without a ride ambassador) for each ride. However some evening rides have a ride leader per route.

What type of support will I have from the ride leader?

The ride leader is responsible for announcing the ride several days prior along with providing basic information about the ride. On ride day the ride leader will gather all the riders, review each ride, mention any particular road conditions, review safety guidelines and answer any questions. The ride leader is not responsible for each individual rider on the day of ride.

I do not know anyone in the Club – how will I find someone similar to my riding abilities to ride with?

The ride leader will help you find a rider(s). On ride day, the leader will ask riders to indicate the distance ride they plan to ride by show of hands, individual riders can group up. As you begin to ride the group will “shake out” by average pace.

Should I inform the ride leader that I plan to join a ride for my first time?

You do not have to but it is helpful for the ride leader to know ahead of time, especially if you will be seeking riders to join. You can send an email to the ride leader as a reply to the leader’s email to the club.

What time should I arrive for the ride?

Most riders arrive between 20-30 minutes before the start. You should arrive in sufficient time to get yourself and bike ready to be ready to go at the time of the ride. At the time of the ride the ride leader will gather everyone and review the ride, splits for different distances and any road conditions to be aware of.

I am not familiar with the roads, will someone stay with me?

All rides are posted with cue sheets and links for downloading the ride to a GPS system. Some ride leaders will have extra cue sheets at the ride but you should be prepared with either cue sheets or GPS system which is recommended.

How am I informed if a ride is cancelled or postponed?

The ride leader will email the NSC listserv members with a ride cancellation or postponement normally within two hours of the ride start time. Be sure you have joined the Email listserv

What about food and bathroom stops?

The ride leader will usually note where restrooms (usually port-a-potties) are located along the route. Groups usually stop and have snacks that they bring on the road or will pull into a park. The ride leader will also usually mention where stores are along the way to stop for water or snacks. Sometimes groups will decide to stop and have lunch. You should be prepared with water and some snacks.

What if I have a flat tire or other mechanical problem?

You should be able to change a flat, put back a dropped chain and some simple tasks. Those riding with you will stop and help. If you are alone and other riders ride by you can ask them for help. Otherwise, if you are an AAA member, they will respond to bicycle breakdowns.